Saturday, March 20, 2010

Under a Bridge in NoDa - is where we made it better

Okay aside from the lame RHCP reference, check out what can be done to an otherwise horrible road that has been closed by a low train trestle.

We can't take all the credit - there is a great Guerilla Gardening movement in NoDa that came in and did a big planting bed:

The whole project started a few months ago when one of us built these stairs into the hillside. This is a popular path that leads onto the train tracks, and is a direct walking route into downtown NoDa:

Then came some planters using recycled plastic barrels and some unique signs:

We had been ignoring these discarded truck tires in a ditch for years - not anymore:

All the neighbors seem to really appreciate this new public path into downtown:

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  1. Hopefully, this railroad will become a trail, when the AC&W is relocated. And Herrin Avenue will also hopefully be re-opened, if the railroad bridge is replaced with a shared-use path.